Happy monday !

Well the electric issues at the gym SHOULD be resolvled today.  I appologize to everyone about the issue.  It happend once before during the buildout and they needed to replace the box , so I am hoping that is not what has to happen today ……..

However, the show must go on and if for some reason the issue is not fixed, then we shall hold the open gyms outside !!! ha ha  Can’t nobody hold us down =)

Lets tear into some kettlebells today :

Triplet 1 –  perform 4 x

Kettlebell swings x

Single arm swings x 6 (r,l)

Double kettlebells x 10

Thrusters x

Single KB x 6 (r,l)

Double KB x 10

Pulls up x 10

or… Some peeps are getting their bar muscle ups down pretty good ! –  so you can do 3-5 muscle ups as well


Kettlebell Get up Sit up x 10 (with one or two kb’s)

30 Second Sprint on the Jump Ropes


Triplet 2 x 4

Snatches x

Single kB x 6 (r,l)

Double KB x 10

Walking Lunges x 10

Kettlebell High Pulls x

Single x 6

Double KB x 10

Hanging Leg Raise x 10

Road Run or

30 second Sprint on the Ropes (any wave variation)


Ok guys and girls,  lets start this week off right !   This electric thing has me all strung out…  You might see me tearing it up with the evening crew tonight.   Nothing better then to free your mind and take your emotions out on a  killer workout.


Train Hard.  Train Smart



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