Hey all !  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Sunday 9/11 should have been your day to be with your friends and family and remember the events that happened on that day 10 years ago.   So hard to believe that was 10 years ago….  I can remember I was a sophmore in High School and can go back to that exact day , what I was doing and where I was sitting.

After that day our country stood tall and strong.  Everyone came together as a team and rallied back, preaching the love for their country and posting up American Flags wherever you could.   So, let us remember those who were lost that day and those who gave and risked their lives in those two towers as well as the areas surrounding.  God Bless America


Monday it is !!!!!   Lets throw some solid kettlebell strength work and some conditioning

29 min AMRAP

Kettlebell push Press x 10 (r,l)

40 Jump Rope Revolutions

Kettlebell sumo squat x 10

40 Jump Rope Revolutions

Pull up x 10 or body rows x 10

40 Jump Rope Revolutions

Kettlebell High Pulls x 10

40 Jump Rope Revolutions

Kettlebell Step Ups x 5 (r.l)

40 Jump Rope Revolutions


Its monday and I know a lot of our warriors did some racing this weekend !   But lets start the week off right and tear it up in the gym on monday !   Results in the gym are not given to you just because you show up and walk in the gym door.  You must make the decision to dedicate time and hard work and commitment.   With those ingredients, results and success will happen.


Train Hard.  Train Smart.



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