Gonna be a Happy Monday guys and girls !!!!

I am going to continue preaching on why we need to amp up our workouts at the Sculpt Fitness gym.   Day in and day out I am seeing our members getting stronger and achieving the results they want.   Its a daily occurance when someone comes up to me and asks about how we do our workouts at the Sculpt Gym and they just stare.   They then proceed to tell me that they aren’t doing anything like that with their trainer.   On a continuous basis I talk up all our clients and their results and the feats of strength they perform during workouts.    So now you all know that you have “set the bar” working out at the Sculpt Gym and that other people out there really ARE striving to do the things you guys and girls do.  Keep TEARING IT UP !!!!

Heres your monday: reps are lower so time to bump up your weight guys and girls !

AMRAP 25 Minutes

Double Kettlebell High Pull x 5

Alternating Kettlebell press x 5 (right and left)

Double Kettlebell Front Squat(bells held racked or you  can hold them sumo style)

Pull ups or Jumping Pull Ups x 5

Double Kettlebell Racked Step Ups x 5 (right and left)


Abs Finisher: 3 sets of circuit

Mountain Climbers x 20

Travel Planks x 10


Proud of all the members striving to get to the top.  Keep climbing !

For those of you who do not train at the Sculpt Fitness Gym, and are the ones staring at me when I’m telling you stories about what are members are doing at Sculpt.   Get in and get started !   nothing is holding you back

REMEMBER..  Your first week of Group workouts are completely F-R-E-E

dont say im never a nice guy 😉


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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