Hey guys and girls,

Its gonna be a kick a#$ monday !!  This fall weather when it hangs in the high 60’s and low 70’s is ideal training weather.

Man what a weekend,  I know we had a lot of Sculpt Warriors out tearing up workouts so lets continue this trend through the week.  We have really focused on the strength and conditioning programs over the last month and there was tremendous amount of gains made in the Sculpt Training Gym.  But, it’s now time to throw down on some new programs !   I mean,  I may throw a few oldies but goodies in there just for kicks.

Here we go !

Double Amraps ! –  We will spend 12 minutes on each workout and get as many rounds as possible in each.

#1: 12 minutes

Kettlebell Swings x 10

Alternating Kettlebell Press x 10 total

Rope Climb x 1  or Modified Rope climb x 2

Russian Twists x 20

#2: 12 Minutes

Kettlebell High Pulls(double kb’s if wanted) or Tire Flips x 5

Body Rows x 10

Plyo Lunges x 10

Travel Planks x 10


Lets give this newbie a try and tear it up !!!!!!!  See you all in the gym


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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