hey guys and girls,

oh man I do not know if I am ready for this cold weather.  I went to strap up the kayak this morning and it felt more like I needed my freakin ice skates.  When the time comes where the majority of our workouts have to stay indoors it means that the workouts need amped up like 1000%.    Monday’s workout is going to give everyone the chance to test their strength and conditioning.

Here we go:

Double WTH’s (We Train Hard)

WTH #1 for 13 minutes:

Burpees x 10

Thrusters x 6

Pull ups x 5 or Body rows x 10 (add some variation to the pull ups like muscle ups or start to add some extra weight)

Wall Walks x Down and Back


WTH #2 for 13 Minutes:

Snatches  or Snatch PUlls x 5 (You can do 2 kb snatches)

Step Ups x 6 (r.l) – if you can, get up on the high Step

Hanging Leg Raises x 10

Jump Rope x

Beginner x 50

Advanced x 100


Man, I just got real pumped for a workout !  ah ha (yes, I am strange)   I might not be able to resist jumping in on this one tomorrow night.   OK lets TEAR it Up !!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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