Hola me amigos y amigas ! Well the Mrs and I are stranded in the hurricane down here but that is no excuse to keep me from making everyone stronger !!!! Ha ha

Since my goal was to get out of here as quick as possible….. That shall be your guys goal today. It getting get this workout for time. As effective and efficient as possible

Here we go :

Circuit 1 – do 3 x
Push up variation x 10
Double kettle bell push press x 10
Plyo lunges x 10 or reverse lunges x 10

Circuit 2 – do 3 x
Squat jumps x 10
Rope rows x 10 or rope climb x 1

Circuit 3
Sled pulls or prowler pushes x down and back 4 x

Let’s see everyone get at it !!!!!!!

Have some awesome stories for the blog (which I am about to amp up BIG TIME)
this place down here was swarming with kick [email protected] workout places.

Keep an eye on the blog and social stream lines for all the new stuffz

See y’all in the gym Wednesday !!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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