hey all !

After a nice weekend out of town its time to get back to work and continue to carve the path for people to get stronger, myself included. I hope everyone was able to read my post while i was gone about getting workouts in while on the road. If your goal is strong in your mind, then a little travel wont get in the way of your gym time =)

But, were back in the gym now so lets pick up the pace. Its supposed to be beautiful this week so Ill try and keep as much outdoor work as possible.

here we go: Lets tear up the WTH Whiteboard today !

WTH for 25 minutes- Get through this ladder as many times as you can within the time period

Deadlift High PUlls x 10 or Tire Flips x 10
Road Run
Deadlift High Pull x 8 or Tire Flips x 8
Road Run
Deadlift High Pull x 6 or Tire Flips x 6
Road Run
Deadlift High Pull x 4 or Tire Flips x 4
Road Run
Deadlift High PUll x 2 or Tire Flips x 2

*** IF you want you can do dead lift high pulls the first time through and then switch to tire flips. shake it up !!! thats how we get crazy strong ha ha

For deadlift high pulls you have the following tools as options:
– Kettlebell (one or two)
– Barbell
– Or if you wanna get tricky you can use one of the sandbags

See everyone in the gym tomorrow !!! 6amers set the bar HIGH for everyone

Train Hard. Train Smart


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