The common excuse across the board when it comes to working out is is "I don't have time". I'm here to tell and show you that you do ! Body weight conditioning is used across the board at my gym for every client no matter their fitness level. It's all about how it is programmed and how are YOU are willing to work ! When I set out to create an online training site I wanted clients to be able to train no matter what equipment they had available to them. So, I started testing some of my body weight conditioning programs on my clients at Sculpt Fitness to get a reaction. The results across the board were awesome ! I had beginner clients performing the movements as well as my most advanced clients including athletes. We even spiced it up a bit and added a 20lb weight vest to a few of our weekend warriors 😉

Instead of continuing typing success stories of our body weight programs I feel it necessary to explain why I feel the movements are so important for all clients to master. Being able to complete a push up, pull up or plyo jump is much more difficult than what people may think. Before I have any client start into any level program I want to see what you got ! If a client comes in and can perform perfect push ups or jump on the pull up rack and perform pull or chin ups they automatically in my mind have a nice strength base to start our strength programs. I would no more give a kettle bell or sandbag to a client who could not perform basic body weight movements. So as you can see, we take body weight conditioning rather seriously around here hah. But how does this tie into creating time to get my workouts in ? Easy , you can perform body weight workouts any time and anywhere ! Bright and early before work or school. Or, right when you return from work, or better yet , at work !  Check out our Train Hard Train Smart link and let us do all your programming for you so there are no excuses.  You can download and take our body weight routines anywhere.

Our only question for you is, "How hard will you train" ?

Train Hard Train Smart Online Fitness


Have fun and train safe,


Your Trainer, 

Josh Dickey

Founder/CEO of Train Hard Train Smart Online

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