Josh Dickey

Founder & Owner of Sculpt Fitness

Phone: 330-907-4722


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Open%20Sans” font_color=”%23000000″ width=”940″]As a high school and college athlete it was my goal to stay as close to exercise and strength training as I possibly could without actually playing sports again.  I moved back home to Akron, OH with a goal of taking the strength training scene in the area to another level.  Well,  since I had been away for some time and had no clue on how to start up my own training business,  I ended up playing gym rat at a few local facilities.  During this time I was like a sponge, absorbing everything I could about different styles of strength training and who the best trainers and strength coaches were and what their training secrets as well as business secrets created their success.

After wrapping up college with an exercise science degree, dumping most of my made money into classes and certifications, and a few stray clients on the side who I was training during the week,  I felt it was time to venture out on my own in the world of personal training.

Insert Sculpt Fitness Training LLC.   Since I had no money to open up a training facility I found my way into training clients out of their homes.   No matter what equipment you had in your house,  I could come there and make it happen !   As time went on my business started growing and growing.   Before I knew it,  I was running out of time slots for new in-home clients because of having to incorporate travel times to get to their homes(I was training people all over god’s green earth,  thankfully gas wasn’t $4 a gallon at that point!).

In 2008,  I decided to make the leap of faith and open up a training studio with some of the cash I saved up.   The most beautiful place on earth I thought.   A 1,200 sq foot office space in a medical park was what my budget got me.    Still looked like the doc had just moved out and I jumped right in !   Carpet, wall paper and all =).   Now I had all my clients coming to me so I was able to make more time slots appear.

I still wanted more.   I started incorporating some new training techniques using kettlebells and sandbags, ropes and some odd strength tools.    I became obsessed with finding ways to write up new programs and get my clients the results they wanted while at the same time, spicing up the programs and giving clients a more “bang for your buck” workout.   To this day,  I still spend endless hours researching the top trainers and coaches in the country and see how they have found ways of making their businesses better.


Your  Trainer,

Josh Dickey