1-on-1 Personal Training is what we are best known for, having helping hundreds of men and women in the Akron area achieve their fitness goal! Getting started with a personal training membership is the first step to get started with us.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The only way to begin working with a personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness is by having a private personal training membership with us!

Our membership is not a typical gym membership, but instead is based on the amount of private workouts a month you’ll have with your trainer, ranging from 8-20 workouts a month.

With workouts lasting either 30 minute or 45 minutes in length, you’ll be with only a few others working out at any given time with his or her trainer, allowing you to have plenty of space and social distancing during your workout.

Plus, the first workout is free to try! Simply press the green button below to let us know your ready to stop in to try us out.[/text_block]

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14 Year Member Kit A. Shares What Brought Him To Join Sculpt Fitness Years Ago And Why He Continues To Work With Us Into The Future.




What is the 1 on 1 private personal training membership?

We call it a 1-on-1 personal training plans a membership because we package your workouts each week into a monthly package that reoccurs each month.

This keeps you focused on working towards your fitness goals versus having to renew every 5 or 10 workouts like most gyms do.

For example: If you decided to workout 4 times a week with a Sculpt Fitness trainer, your “membership” would be the 16 workouts you’d have over the course of the month. There are no additional gym fees either! Just the personal training. 

What all is included in the membership?

Your Sculpt Fitness membership includes the private workouts you’ll have each week with your trainer.

If you decide that coming 2 times a week is best, your membership would be the 8 workouts you’d complete over the month!

Along with that, you’ll have the coaching, guidance, and workout programming that your trainer will provide each time you come into the gym!

How often should I plan on coming in to see a trainer at Sculpt Fitness?

We would suggest planning to come into the gym anywhere from 2 to 4 times each week.

This will allow your body to make improvements each week while keeping your metabolism revved up pretty much every day…even while you’re not in the gym!

How much does it cost to have a personal trainer?

Our personal training memberships start out at 140.00 per month and goes up from there, depending on the length of workout and how often you come in

Am i locked into a long contract if i do want to join?

Not at all!

All that we ask for our new members is that they plan on being with us for an initial 3 month period.

This allows you to see some great initial success and build positive workout habits. After this your membership will go month to month unless you ever decide you need to stop.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23ffffff”]To get started at Sculpt Fitness, give us a call at 330-907-4722 , or select the button below to schedule a complimentary free workout and fitness assessment!

After you schedule your workout, you’ll meet with a personal trainer, find out your fitness strengths and weaknesses, and go through a private workout.

If you think we are the place for after that, the trainer will give his or her recommendation of what program will fit you the best! No strings attached or commitment necessary if you don’t think its a good fit.[/text_block]

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