Hey guys and girls,

Well we made it though another week of kick [email protected]# workouts !!!!!!   Nothing I love hearing about more is when people throw aside their drama and problems and come into the gym and just have a good ol’ knock down, tear it up workout session !!

With it being Freestyle Saturday,  pick one of the effective programs from the week and either push to get more reps, or try a heavier weight or even more rounds.   Or…..   if your a little beat up from the week,  go ahead and deload and kill some body weight stuff.   Nothing better then when you arent quite feeling it and a little body weight active recovery is the cure.

In order to have control of your workouts and be able to get 100% out of them,  you must learn to listen to your body.   It is without a doubt your best judge.  If you are feeling it that day,  tear it up !   If you body feels beat up and your pretty sore then that is your body telling you it needs to fully recover.   Your body cannot grow and develop and become “bulletproof” if you dont give it the time and rest it needs.   Many people forget that REST is also a huge part of achieving gains in a workout program.


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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