Happy holiday weekend everyone !
With all the parties and picnics going on this weekend you might need to throw a kick a%# workout into the mix

Since the Friday workout did not post for some reason (my appologies) I think it was a killer workout for you guys and girls to throw down on today.

Here we go:

4 x of this circuit
Kettlebell swings x 10 (go heavier or grab double kbs)

High pulls x 6 (keep the kbs heavy or for the strong peeps load up a barbell and pull up some weight !)

Road run

Circuit 2 – 4x
Rope climb x 1 or modified rope climb x 2
Plyo jumps x 3 if your going your MAX height. Otherwise if your going for speed then keep the reps at x 6
10x squat jumps

Road run

Finisher : down and backs with the prowler !!!!! If there are 2-4 of you in here working out then team up and do the prowler pushes RELAY style

Example: if you have 3 people
Put 2 people on one end and 1 person on another and run the prowler down, hand it off and have the other person run it back then have the 3rd person do the same. Only break is when your not pushing !!!

Have fun !


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