Happy Saturday everyone !

As I mentioned before just because I am out of town for a few days doesn’t mean we don’t crank out hard workouts ha ha.

Today’s workout at the gym is definately a freestyle workout where you can choose to do any workout we did all week. But I’ll give you an option of my workout I did yesterday with minimal equipment available

I had 20 minutes to give to smashed this one out. Broke it up into two 10 minute WTH’s

WTH for 10 minutes
Dead clean and press x 6 – using 2 dumbbells
Air Squats x 10

WTH for 10 minutes
One arm snatches x 6 – using dumbbell (total old school strength)
10 double Db rows (didn’t have a pull up bar)
Plyo Lunges x 20

Man was I cashed !!! But there is a great example of how hard you can hit it with minimal equipment

Try it out when your gone !

Train Hard. Train Smart


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