Here it is !   It doesnt look like anything now, but, just you guys and girls wait about 6-7 weeks.   I will be taking you along the way with me.   I got a chance to get there this evening and tried to do a kettlebell circuit to break the place in.  However,   darkness came pretty quick and there are not lights up yet !  (dont think i didnt have a flash light and headlamp on and try to get it on film….).  I will be going tomorrow afternoon to swing the kettlebell in there.  Dont worry ill have video there for ya.  Must document the first ever exercise in the building !

Be sure to follow the sculpt fitness blog throughout the journey(


Also,  along the way I will be doing some give-aways(tee shirts, free memberships etc,  so be sure to keep up with us =)


thanks all,


Your Trainer, 

Josh Dickey

Owner of Sculpt Fitness

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