Josh Dickey Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer

Josh Dickey - Owner & CEO   B.S.   CSCS

  • Started Sculpt Fitness in 2008.
  • Over 14 years of personal training experience.
  • Experience working with individual clients, group workouts and athlete workouts.
  • Leads the athlete training program for Revere Schools.
Chad Maleski Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer

Chad Maleski - General Manager & Personal Trainer   B.S.   ACE

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2011
  • Has helped well over 100 men and women throughout the years lose weight and gain strength quickly.
  • Specializes in helping individuals build strength and muscle quickly with strength circuit training.
  • Manages all 3 Sculpt Fitness locations.

Jenna Head - Asst. Manager (Akron) & Personal Trainer

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2017
  • Assists in day to day operations at the Akron gym location.
  • Experience working with clients one on one as well as leading group workouts.
  • Lead group fitness instructor and workout design programmer.
  • Very personable and plenty of experience helping her clients reach their fitness goal!

Shaun Vineyard - Personal Trainer & TPI Golf Instructor

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2015.
  • Experience helping his clients lose dramatic weight of well over 50lbs!
  • Certified as a TPI golf instructor; having helped golf clients from Firestone, Medina, Sharon, Portage, Fairlawn and Columbia Hills golf clubs improve their golf game.
  • Has worked with 50 + personal training clients at Sculpt.

Ron Cartledge - Personal Trainer

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2017.
  • Experience as both a group fitness instructor along with one on one personal training.
  • Has an athletic background and incorporates similar movements into his workouts.
  • Helps his clients learn to lift weights safely so they can improve each week.

Danielle Buchanan    M.B.A    M.S.E    B.S.    NSCA

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2020.
  • Experience working with clients one on one along with training athletes.
  • Uses a variety of tools, exercises and equipment to create well rounded programs.

Caleb Wohlwend - Personal Trainer     B.S.

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2020
  • Passionate about helping younger athletes improve his or her strength, speed and power.
  • Incorporates full body movements into his clients workouts for an athletic style workout.
  • Able to adjust and tailor workouts for your needs and target areas.