Josh Dickey Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer

Josh Dickey - Owner & CEO   B.S.   CSCS

  • Started Sculpt Fitness in 2008.
  • Over 14 years of personal training experience.
  • Experience working with individual clients, group workouts and athlete workouts.
  • Leads the athlete training program for Revere Schools.
Chad Maleski Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer

Chad Maleski - General Manager & Personal Trainer   B.S.   ACE

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2011
  • Has helped well over 100 men and women throughout the years lose weight and gain strength quickly.
  • Specializes in helping individuals build strength and muscle quickly with strength circuit training.
  • Manages all 3 Sculpt Fitness locations.

Danielle Buchanan    M.B.A    M.S.E    B.S.    NSCA

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2020.
  • Experience working with clients one on one along with training athletes.
  • Uses a variety of tools, exercises and equipment to create well rounded programs.

Caleb Wohlwend - Strength Coach     B.S.

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2020
  • Passionate about helping younger athletes improve his or her strength, speed and power.
  • Incorporates full body movements into his clients workouts for an athletic style workout.
  • Works with a variety of sports teams and with individual athletes, helping them improve his or her speed, strength, power and agility!

Kari Djonne - Personal Trainer     B.S.     NASM

  • Began at Sculpt Fitness in 2021.
  • Experience with 1-on-1 personal training, small group workouts, and virtual training.
  • Brings a high energy and welcoming personality that will leave you feeling better than when you walked in the gym.
  • Great choice to work with if you want someone that will show empathy towards where you currently are fitness wise and will give encouragement every step of the way!

Annitra Lewis - Personal Trainer     ISSA

  • Specializes in private 1-on-1 training with clients just starting out into fitness.
  • Brings a warm, caring attitude that helps inspire and motivate her clients!
  • Will help you break through your fitness plateau's that tend to hold people back on their journey of losing weight and bodyfat.

Aaron Hicks  - Personal Trainer    ACE

  • Has several years of group fitness experience.
  • Brings an upbeat and energetic energy to all of his workouts!
  • Able to modify and correct clients form easily whether it's in a private workout in a group setting.

Kevin Ocheltree - Strength Coach

  • Works with a variety of sports team along with individual athlete workouts