JoAnna has been training for over 7 months with our Cleveland trainer Nancy Halloran. She has seen her overall weight going down, fitting into clothes she hasn't worn in years, while gaining a lot of strength! She loves how catering Nancy has been in working with her busy work schedule.

Steve has been working out at the Akron gym location with trainer Josh Hackley and has seen dramatic results so far! He has lost 15lbs pounds overrall and is improving his strength quickly!

Erika has been loving her experience working out at the Akron gym location at Sculpt Fitness with her trainer Josh Hackley! She is now wearing clothes she hasn't worn in years and is down 15lbs already!

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Hannah has been working out at the brand new downtown cleveland location with her trainer and has seen great changes in her body! She loves the variety of the new gym space as well as doing new things each time she comes in. 🙂

With a background of being in the military, LaRyssa was wanting someone to push her while keeping her accountable towards improving herself. Working with her trainer Dee Josey has allowed her to find enjoyment in exercise and sees many visual changes in her body!

Check out baseball athlete Charlie Drumm in Akron describe his experience training with Sculpt Fitness personal trainer Josh Hackley at Sculpt Fitness personal training in Akron Ohio. He's seen tremendous strength and speed gains in only a short period of time!

Over the last 13 months of working with the personal trainers at Sculpt Fitness in Cleveland and Akron/Medina, Eric F. has lost over 30lbs of total bodyweight while drastically improving his muscle tone. Listen to hear more of what brought him in to the gym!

Mackenzie was referred to us from  a business connection in Miami Florida when her and her husband moved up to Cleveland Ohio. She has been training with Chad for 5 months and has seen her body become stronger with increased muscle tone!

Sculpt Fitness member Logan shares his experience working out with his trainer Chad. He noticed numerous changes in how his body looks and feels. His strength has shot through the roof too! Click the video to hear more 🙂

Matt Yunker tells us more about how working with a fitness professional at Sculpt has taken his fitness to a new level. He's really enjoyed the physical improvements in the muscle gain and fat loss his body has shown. He's added strength training to balance out the running he likes to do during the week.

Kayla has been working with Sculpt trainer Chad Maleski for months now and has seen great changes in her stamina and strength during her workouts at the Akron/Medina gym location. She realizes that having a personal trainer has helped her take her fitness to a level she wouldn't normally be able to reach on her own. She can't recommend coming in to Sculpt Fitness to try out a FREE workout!

Helana was in search of a gym that specialized in private one on one personal training. She was attracted to Sculpt Fitness when she noticed the attention to detail and the customization of her program based on her wants and needs. Listen to what she had to say about her experience!

Lauren has been working with owner/trainer Josh Dickey for several years and really has seen a jump in her strength along with losing 25 pounds! See what she loves the most about the environment of Sculpt Fitness.

Lindsay quickly fell in love with her results training at Sculpt Fitness with her trainer Chad Maleski at the Medina gym location. She now feels stronger and likes her how body looks!

Gabe found out about Sculpt Fitness from a co-worker who was enjoying the workouts. He has gained 20 pounds of muscle mass and has been achieving the goal he set out for himself! His trainer Dee Josey has been instrumental in his eyes for helping him reach his fitness goals.

Don has really enjoyed the workouts with his trainer Andrew Hatfield and has already begun seeing a drop in body fat. He appreciates how his trainer has guided him every step of the way while adding variety to the workout! Don highly recommends stopping in to check things out.

Doug has been with Sculpt Fitness for over 9 years and continues to love the experience each time he comes in! His trainer Josh Dickey has been very helpful in designing a program for Doug that has allowed him to lose 25 pounds and keep it off!

Peyton initally came to us for an off season football program for Baldwin Wallace to help strengthen some weaknesses in his body. Throughout those 5 weeks he has seen a jump in his strength and power! He had a blast during each workout and can see how they will transfer to helping him on the football field.

Kit has been a lifelong member of Sculpt Fitness when the business initially opened back in 2008. His body feels stronger, flexibility and more energized from staying consistent at Sculpt. The workouts are different each time and leaves you wanting more!

Rod started his journey at Sculpt Fitness when he and his partner we're preparing for their wedding in Hawaii. He wanted to trim up and increase his overall strength. Rod loves how he looks and feels and really enjoys all of the trainers at the gym!

Tonya has been with Sculpt Fitness for over 5 years and has been working with Sculpt trainer Chad Maleski. She has dropped over 20 pounds through the years while dramatically increasing her body's strength! Tonya enjoys how she is pushed to do her best each time she comes in and appreciates how helpful the trainers are.

Rich has seen an increase in his overall energy, strength and loves how his body looks! He has taking a liking to how challenging and unique the workouts are each time. He can't recommend Sculpt Fitness enough to all of his friends and family.

Lisa is a local fitness instructor in the Akron area and decided she needed to reach out for help in increasing her overall strength. She has really liked how different the workouts are at Sculpt Fitness and adds to her weekly routine!

Chris was in need of dropping some unwanted body fat and increasing his strength. He likes how different the workouts are compared to a typical fitness center. He has continued to work hard and stay committed to his workouts!

Michelle began her workout experience at Sculpt Fitness being able to not really finish a full workout. Fast forward to 4 months down the road and she has lost over 10 percent body fat and is now pushing through workouts that she never thought she could do!

Kenton was one of Sculpt Fitness trainer Chad Maleski's very first clients at Sculpt Fitness back in 2011. He was in need of help in preparing for the FBI's physical fitness test. Once he began working with Chad was when his body really began to improve drastically!