Small Group Personal Training

Experience The Individualized Attention And Guidance Usually Found In A Private Workout

We combine the privacy and individualization of a private one on one workout into a small group setting. The reasons people love working in a small group is that it allows a group of no more than 4 people to do a workout together and still have the guidance and focus of a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer!

The group sizes are kept small so that our personal trainers are able to create a fun and challenging workout while still being able to provide coaching to each person of the group. The makes sure you have the best opportunity for success.

Get The Results In A Group Environment While Still Having The Focused Attention Of A Trainer

Most gyms and fitness centers group classes fail in giving its members the guidance, attention and focus that they crave in a workout because of the large member to trainer ratio. When you are exercising with 10 to 20 people at a time, it can be easy to feel like a number within a group. We know from firsthand experience it becomes hard to coach each individual when there is a large group.

With a ratio of 4 members to 1 trainer, we give you the focus and attention you need during each group workout. In a cost effective membership, you'll get to workout two to three times a week with up to 4 people and still get the results that would come from a private one on one membership!

Session Rates Begin at $25.00 Per Workout
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