Bananas are a fantastic fruit to add to the diet,  packed full of nutrients.  The fruit is very easy to take on the go for an "in between" snack.   However,  if your out and about, especially on the trails these are a great snack !-  the future wifey picked them up while at Trader Joes the other day


Snack Attack: Flattened BananaTrader Joe’s is a magical place where all your wishes and dreams come true. That’s all I’m trying to say with this post. Every time I walk into that place, I come out with five times more food than I ever intended to buy. One of those impromptu purchases on my last TJ’s run was this package of joy: dried flattened bananas.Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh bananas, but sometimes I can’t eat them before they get too mushy. Enter dried bananas. They last forever and so does their amazingness. Great on sandwiches, topped with almond or peanut butter, wrapped around nuts or other dried fruit, wherever your imagination takes you. Personally, I can’t imagine a better dessert than one of these babies spread with PB or other nut butter and topped with dark chocolate chips or shredded coconut. I’m drooling a little bit just thinking about it.I maintain that for every processed food-like substance, there’s a healthy, natural alternative (that’s JUST AS TASTY, if not more). Artificial fruit roll-ups? A thing of the past. Real banana roll-ups? The wave of the future.

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