Hey guys and girls,

Well here in Northeast Ohio we are starting to get itchy for that warmer weather !   You know what that means…..   Get your butt outside and train !  That is not the topic of our chat today, but we are focused on your training.

We are now about three months into the "New Year". So where have you taken your training ?  Have you amped it up a knotch ?  Are you just getting started ?  Or please, please DO NOT tell me you have fallen off the wagon already.  Well,  I am going to be the optimist that I am and hope that everyone is still on track with their programs.   I know my clients at Sculpt Fitness are starting to turn over some new leaves in their programs and I can't wait to continue to watch them progress!

Oh who am I kidding.   It would not be ME if I didn't preach to the people who may have gone off track of their workouts.   Ok guys or girls, whats the excuse ?   You ran out of time, you don't like how your gym is starting to have more people in it,  or you weren't seeing any results ?   Heres a newsflash,  it hasn't even been a full three months !  If you have been working your butt off and you are seeing unreal results, that is freaking awesome !   That means you are obviously putting in the work.   Do not get me wrong here,  changes can be made in three month period.   Killer workouts and nice clean eating will help put you on the fast lane to resultsville.  However, for those of you who may not be seeing results, here is what we needs to happen.  

FIrst,   take a good hard look at your workouts.  If you are really wanting to acheive your most wanted goals then your workouts better be challenging and consistant.  Each day that you don't pack your gym clothes with you and quietly just drive by the gym on your way to or from work,  that is a missed day !  In your mind it may only be ONE day, but, in your body that is a whole workout that you just skipped where you could have kicked your butt and added one day to your workouts this week !  Plus, you and I both know that even though you may dread your workouts some times, the workouts where you almost didn't go are the ones that you feel the most accomplished for doing after you muscle through them. Until you understand that making a change in your body requires some phyical hard work, then you will not get to where you want to be.  Push yourself during your workouts knowing that every rep you do is helping you achieve what you want ! Age old saying, "YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN".  End of that excuse,  get your butt to the gym and get hooked on your workouts ! 

Second, stop consistantly eating CRAP ! or better yet,  start consistantly EATING !   Your machine(body) can not operate on an empty tank.   Get the idea of when you just went through a kick butt workout that you don't want to put those calories back in your body,  OUT OF YOUR HEAD. When you decide to use your body's precious fuel for your workouts,  be kind and give it something back.  Remember our furnace talk ?  Your body is like a furnace when you decide to start adding workouts to your life.  In order for that furnace to keep burning and producing heat,  you must continue to stoke the fire.  Try to limit stoking the fire with crap food too please.  The everyday eating out to lunch and then turning around and doing so on the weekends is not going to assist you.  Making your own food at home does two things for you.  Lets you know what is exactly going into the food you are eating and how much you can feed yourself, and, in the long run will save you so much more money.   So please,  I am asking you kindly,  as you are trying to transform your body,  please get on a consistant eating pattern.   Once you do,   then you can email me and thank me for getting rough with you 😉

Even though some of what I say may come off a little harsh,  I mean well.   I love what I do, and I enjoy helping people acheive their goals. Sometime a little harder push helps people realize, and gets their butt back in gear    So when I write these,  they are to HELP YOU.

Keep up the good work !  Remember,  if you are one of those people who are reading this and relating to some of the stuff I just said,  you are already ahead of the game !  You have made the decision to get into shape and help your body.   There are plenty of speed bumps along the way to achieving what you want here.    Speed bumps don't mean STOP,  just slow down, drive over and keep that thing moving.


As always,  any questions feel free to email me,  [email protected]


Have fun and train hard


Your Trainer,


Founder and Owner of Sculpt Fitness

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