Hey there guys and girls, 


I can remember when I wanted to get into this business on my own.   I would do whatever it took to get clients to sign up and take a HUGE pay decrease to get someone to start training.   But, hey I was 19 years old, trying to finish school,  an ACE certification and a desire to make people strong and fit, I didn’t care what the situation was I just wanted to train and wanted to the opportunity to say my business had clients.

Six years later,  I am sitting here in my office at the newly built Sculpt Fitness,  listening to my other trainer beat up a workout with a client and my clients walking in the door ready to get their “extra” workouts in.   Yea I said it,  I have clients putting in EXTRA time in the gym.   No these aren’t athletes,  these are your nine to fivers that want to get as strong and conditioned as possible.  This is the exact senerio I had pictured when I got my training gym open.   This really beats riding in the car from house to house all over northeast Ohio all day.

This Sculpt Fitness is designed for my clients.  It is a place where men, women, boys and girls can come train and escape from the real world,  throw some weight around and not worry about work, bills, or life.   Sculpt Fitness will be the place where that mother and daughter do their first Kettlebell swing with a 40lb bell and can brag about it.  Where the weekend warrior man can come in and deadlift his brains out.  Or where the athlete can excel by flipping tires and dragging sleds.  

I invite ALL of you to come in and escape in your workouts to achieve your ultimate fitness wants.  In here, it’s O.K for you to be selfish and make every set about YOU.


Starting Day at the gym



Were done, come on in


I want to personally thank all my clients who have been with me and been a part of this awesome journey.   I also, want to thank all future clients who are going to continue to help build this dream of mine.   The Sculpt Fitness personal training gym is for you people !!



Thank You,


Josh Dickey

Owner of Sculpt Fitness

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