What We Think Separates Us From The Rest In Providing Great Service To Our Members

A Positive, Uplifting, And Friendly Gym Atmosphere

Venturing into a new gym and exercise program can bring with it many fears and worries of what to expect, how the gym members and personal trainers will be upon meeting them and if the gym is a good fit for you.

Sculpt Fitness wants you to feel welcome and comfortable each time you enter one of our locations.

We take the time to introduce you to all of the staff and even the other members who are working with the Sculpt Trainers as well!

The more you know of what to expect and how open and accessible everyone is, the easier the process of getting started on working towards you fitness goal can be.

Guidance, Coaching And Support Along Your Fitness Journey

When you decide to make a change for the better in your life, it is not just a workout here and there with a couple changes to what foods you eat.

The trainers and members at Sculpt Fitness realize that to receive the most benefits, improvements and life lasting change that our members want, takes a more deep and personal approach that most gyms do not go into.

With any of our personal training memberships, you'll be working alongside an experienced, friendly and personable Sculpt Trainer that has gone on his or her own personal journey in developing their own fitness. They wish to share their knowledge and guidance in assisting you in reaching your fitness goal, not just a temporary short term goal, but rather a long lasting change in the body.

A Fitness Community That Supports Each Other

Beginning a personal training membership at Sculpt Fitness is something that will keep you supported not just in your one on one or small group workout with your trainer, but with other like minded individuals also wanting to make positive changes to their bodies

You will over time meet and also make possible friendships that will support everyone in reaching their goals faster than they could on their own!

Having a positive social circle and support is crucial to assisting your fitness journey and Sculpt Fitness prides itself on allowing our members to help each other out along with the help of the Sculpt Personal Trainers.

Hundreds Of Members Have Seen Results!

When choosing the right exercise program that best fits your needs, we could talk and explain our principles, ideas and how it can help you.

The proof is in the pictures as you can see throughout the site that numerous men and women have transformed their bodies through following the ideals and principles that Sculpt Fitness is built upon.

Many men and women in North East Ohio have loved their experience working with the personal trainers at Sculpt Fitness. You can see more of our successful transformations here!

We Have All The Equipment Needed For Your Success

Our Sculpt Fitness locations do not have the usual selection of cables, machines, heavy racks and equipment that is outdated and not effective. Through careful selection, the equipment we use at all Sculpt gyms are what we feel works best through our own experience, our members results, along with being backed up with science.

We have chosen the equipment that is fun to use, not found in most gyms, and is effective in producing great results and changes in the body! Plus...we have No Traditional Cardio Equipment!

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