whats up everyone !

Well I hope everyone took advantage of the de-load day. We saw some kick [email protected] times in that workout today. For sure there are some people in the gym who are advancing in ALL their movements. I am seeing more full push ups and pull ups then ever before. Keep tearing it up !!!!

Lets grabs some weights again: 5 rounds of this circuit

Box squats : 10 (use kettlebells, sandbag or barbell)

Dead lift Movment: x 10
– Double or single kettlebell cleans
– Sandbag dead pulls
– Barbell dead cleans

Push up variation x 15
– dumbbell push ups
– add weight
– plyo push ups
– Ring push ups

Pull variation x 15
– Rope Rows
– Ring rows
– Pull ups

With the Deadlift movment, push up variation, and pull up variation switch the variation after the 2nd and the 4th round.

This workout is NOT for time so lets grab some weight and get to work !

Train Hard. Train Smart


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