Hey all !!!!

Great de load yesterday ! If you went through the workout or took the day off to rest the bod, it’s time to get backed on the horse today.

Let’s get it with some kettlebell conditioning

Here we : try and take as minimal break between each exercise

Circuit 1 x 4 rounds
Alternate Kettlebell press x 10
Front squat x 10 (single kb go 5/5)
Single kb row (only using support if needed)

Circuit 2 : 4 rounds
Swings x 10
Reverse lunges x 10 (total)
Snatches x 6 (r,l) or high pulls x 10

Circuit 3 x 3 rounds
Get up sit ups x 10
Kb farmer walk x down and back
Russian twists

Get at it !!!!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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