Hey guys and girls !

Hey it’s almost the weekend so lets finish off the week strong here !

Here we go :

Circuit 1: 5 rounds

Sumo Squats or Deadlifts x 6

Any Press variation x 6 (kb press with 1 or 2 bells, floor press w/ kb or db’s, barbell press, heck… if you wanna toss in some old school bench press go ahead and get strong !)

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

Pull up variation x 5-8

Single arm rows x 6

Plyo Jumps or road runs x 8
( Hudson road runs go to the mail boxes and back)
***. Weather is pretty nice, figured I would toss it out there for you all

Circuit 3: 3 rounds

Farmer walk carries (use KBs, DBs, Farmer Handles, Kegs, Sandbags !!) round the center wall 2x

Jump Rope x 50 reps

Russian Twist x 20-30

Tear it up !!!!!!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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