Hey guys and girls,

Man I am not lying when I say that I can’t sleep bc of all the excitment going on with Sculpt Fitness right now. The word is pretty much out but I will fill in any of our followers who have not yet got the big news. Sculpt Fitness Training Gym #2 is t minus 4 weeks ! Homebase for the second gym will be in Hudson, OH. The bonus for the Sculpt Fitness Training Gyms is that all memberships are synchronized ! Once you have a membership at one Sculpt Fitness you can rock out Sculpt Whiteboard Workouts wherever you want ! ha ha
I only say that bc I know that the new spot is located closer to some people’s homes or in direct route home from their work.
Before I can even think about posting this kick [email protected] workout, I have to give a straight from the heart thank you to all of our clients and members at the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym. I have been blessed that I have found a way to turn my passion into a career. However, without a strong supportive community including my wife and family, and all our members this dream is not even remotely close to possible. I truly LOVE what I do, and I can’t wait to bring all of you along on my journey. From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every person who has supported me along the way =)

OK oK…. I tried to keep the mushy stuff short ha ha. Theres just too much good stuff !! ha ha

Here we go: 10-8-6-4 Kettlebell Circuits- Goal here is up your kettlebell weight with each round. Trying to see some strong bodies in the gym today !!!

Round 1: 10’s
Swings x 10
Racked Front squats x 10 (r,l)
Cleans x 10 (r,l)
Press x 10(r,l)
High Pulls x 10

Round 2: 8’s
Swings x 8 in each hand
Racked Front Squats x 8 (r,l)
Cleans x 8 (r,l)
Press x 8(r,l)
High PUlls x 8(r,l)

Round 3: 6’s
Swings x 6 (r,l)
Racked Front Squats x 6 (r,l)
Cleans x 6 (r,l)
Press x 6 (r,l)
High Pulls x 6 (r,l)

Round 4: 4’s
Swings x 4 (r,l)
Racked Front Squats x 4(r,l)
Cleans x 4 (r,l)
Press x 4 (r,l)
High PUlls x 4 (r,l)

Free style abs if you got some juice left: mix in a bunch of ab work. 5 rounds mixing it up
– leg raises x 10
– Power wheel x 10
– Russians x 20 (use med ball or rope)
– sledge hammers

Train Hard. Train Smart


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