Hey yo !

Man, I just finished tearin up a workout out in the garage. I know some people say, well you have a gym to workout at, why of all places the garage ??? Sometimes after a long a#$ day at the gym making people better and stronger, I just want to be closer to home and there is nothing like just having a loaded barbell and my garage and some killer music. I just rip out a ton of barbell movements for about 25 or 30 minutes and it feels killer. Its a good old school feeling no doubt.

So since I am in the old school mood, I figured it was time to grab a kettlebell and tear up a workout. Here we go:

27 min of this classic kettlebell circuit:

Kettlebell Swings x 15
Overhead Press x 6 (r,l)
Front Squat x 6(r,l)- only one kb
Kettlebell cleans(from a swing or from the floor) x 6 (r,l)
Reverse Lunges x 6 (r,l)
One arm KB high Pull x 6 (r,l)

Free Style abs: 3 sets of this circuit
Get up sit up x 10
Russian twistx 20
Power wheel roll outs x 10 or Leg raises x 10

ok lets do this !

Train Hard. Train Smart


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