Happy thursday everyone !!!!

Well its almost the weekend and you guys and girls have been tearing up the training gym all week !!!!   Saw some personal bests go down yesterday during “de-load” wednesday which was freakin awesome !!!

Today we have put together some solid circuits to hit from all angles.  ENJOY !

Here we go:

Circuit 1: 5 rounds

Sumo Squats or Deadlifts x 6

Any Press variation x 6 (kb press with 1 or 2 bells, floor press w/ kb or db’s, barbell press,  heck… if you wanna toss in some old school bench press go ahead and get strong !)

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

Pull up variation x 5-8

Plyo Jumps x 8


Circuit 3: 3 rounds

Farmer walk carries (use KBs, DBs, Farmer Handles, Kegs, Sandbags !!) round the center wall 2x

Jump Rope x 50 reps

Russian Twist x 20-30


Tear it up !!!!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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