Hey all !

Kick [email protected] day for the 100’s workout !!!!   Its goes to show what hard work does over time.  People saw they time it took them to perform the workout go down while the quality of their workout went through the roof !   Body rows are getting closer and closer to pulll ups, push ups are becoming an everyday event for some when they couldnt even do consistent assisted push ups when they started, and much much more I could mention.   So proud of all you guys and girls and lets keep up the hard work !!

Ok lets get it in on some some solid strength circuits .

Here we go:

circuit 1: 4x

Squats(any variation) x 6

Rope Climb or Modified Rope Climb x 4


Circuit 2: 4 x

Alternating Kettlebell press x 10 total

Kettlebell swings x 15


Conditioning Circuit: 3 x

Slam Balls x 10-15

Alternating BIG Rope slams x 20-30


Ok guys and girls,  the table is set…   Eat up !!!!! ha ha ha


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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