Hey yo !!!!!!

GREAT de-load yesterday.   Let the weights have a rest and watched the people get primal with a lot of body weight movement and a little use of some conditioning tools.   Hopefully your body is feeling re-fueled and ready to go, because I am putting the workout out there for you to throw down !!!

Here we go:

5 rounds

Squats(any variation) x 6

– Back squat, sumo squat, front squat

Dead Push Ups x 10-15

Pull up Variation x 8 or Body Rows x 8-10

Plyo Jumps x 6 or Squat Jumps x 10

Slam Ball x 10 (standing or from knees)


Ok guys and girls,  Throw down time !!!  see you in the gym


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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