Hey guys and girls !!


Killer week so far !   You know its a good week when people are reaching goals.  We see members increasing strength and learning new movements.  Other members are reaching their most wanted goals by shedding off that un-wanted body fat and filling it in with pure Sculpt Fitness lean muscle !!!!   Lets keep it up gang !

Ok here we go today:

WTH For 8 min

Kb swings x 10

Overhead Press x 6(r,l)

Get up sit up x 10


WTH for 8  min

KB Single arm cleans x 6(r,l)

Front squats (any object) x 6

MB russian Twist x 20-30


WTH for 8 min

Plyo Jumps x 5

Jump Rope x 30

Kneeling Slam Ball x 8


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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