Hey there guys and girls ,

Were going to take the opportunity to deload a little bit towards the end of this week. I want to give the body a chance to re-charge and be ready for strength and conditioning programs to come !

Make sure we get nice solid warm ups in before the workouts so our bodies are ready for battle.

Heres how the day looks.

5 rounds of each circuit. You can take a 1 minute break between circuits to recover and then move on.

Circuit 1:
Push Up Variation x 5 (regular push ups, ring push ups, med ball push ups, dumbbell push ups- add weight to your body for a challenge !)

Pull ups or Body Rows x 5
Box Jumps x 5
Shuttle Run x Cone to Cone distance

Circuit 2:
Dips or Med Ball Close Push Ups x 5
Rope Climb x 1 or Modified Rope Climb x 2
Burpees x 5

Circuit 3:
Plyo Lunges x 10 or Reverse Lunges x 10
Mountain Climbers x 20
Travel Planks x 5

Get through each circuit 5 times working as hard as you can !!!!! You can choose to take the break between circuits if you wish, if not, BEAT IT UP !! ha ha

As usual, hit us up if you have any questions or comments. Be sure to drop comments on the blog or our Facebook page and let everyone know how you did.

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