Happy thursday everybody,

Bring out the sweatshirts !   man….  I was up at 5:30 today and forgot I had slept with the windows open last night.  Damn it got cold !!!!  Fortunately, its clearing for some pleasant sun today which will give us all the opportunity to keep up the strong work outside.  Only 58 today though so you better bring the warmies ha ha.

I wanted to give everyone options today for the workout.  This whole summer, everyone has shown growth and strength in all areas of our workouts.  Outside with tires and prowlers or inside with kettles and climbing ropes,  all I have seen is commitment and dedication by people who want more for themselves.  I know I have probably repeated myself, but that is what admiration does.  I truly to admire the people at our gym that decide to break the mold and do more.  It pumps me up to wake up early and get to the gym and keep making all of it available to you guys as well as amp me up when I go in for my workouts(and you guys know how much I love tearing that gym up !).  Its the reason why I hop right out of bed at 5am ready to get into my office in the morning to make sure I get these workouts out to everyone to pump them up for the white board in the afternoon or evening.  The Sculpt Fitness Gym is becoming a killer place guys and girls, and I can only continue to thank the followers that we have who make up the foundation.

So lets get this day goin !!

Here we go:  Choose your weapon to creat a 5 round strength circuit

Movement 1: x5 reps of one of the following

Kettlebell Dead Cleans

Tire Flips

Heavy High Pulls w/ Kettlebells or Barbell

Sandbag Dead Cleans


Movement 2:  x 5 reps of ONE of the follwing

Push Ups/ Weighted Push Ups

Hand Stand Push Ups

Alternating Kettlebell Press


Movement 3: x 5 reps of the following

Pull ups(any variation) or Weighted Pullups

Alternating Kettlebell Rows(5 r, 5L)

Rope Climb


Movement 4: x 1 down and back


Sled drag


**** make sure you only choose 1 at each movement for the workout

Tear up the Abs: 3 sets- just pick one movement

Power wheel hand walking w/ 5 knee tucks at the end

Hanging Leg Raises x 10-15

Sledge Hammer tire hits x 10(r.l)


Man, I am sitting here at 6:52am and I am already psyched to get this one in today !!!!!!   Everyone have a kick [email protected]# day and ill see ya at the Sculpt Training Gym tonight


Train Hard.  Train Smart







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