hey guys and girls,

What a straight up killer conditioning day that was yesterday !   I had done a workout earlier in the day and after watching everyone else go through the white board by 6:30 I was pumped up thinking about jumping in ! hah     That is the definition of solid energy in the gym when you get the trainer all amped up to throw down another workout.

Today I want to get back to movin some weight around and I want to keep the kettlebell stuff pretty classic.   The twist will be that I am going to throw in some rope climbing along the way.   If I had a dollar for everyt time I preached something good about those ropes,  I would..   Well I dont know, but I was have some extra cash to do something !   The ropes have been a goal for quite a few members and clients and almost all of them are scaling up and down those things no problem.   Some are even getting pretty tricky.

Ill pause the hype for a minute,  I could write all day about watching clients and members getting strong as he!$ in the gym,  but then I would never get to writing out the workout ha ha

Here we go:  classic lifting circuit with the kettlebells,  however throughout the whole workout you MUST get 6 rope climbs and 50 leg raises(any variation)

Circuit 1-  4x

Single arm kettlebell swings x 10 (r,l)

Thrusters x 10 (squat then right into an overhead press) – 5 on the right then 5 on the left

Kettlebell single arm rows x 10(r,l)


Circuit 2 – 4x

Kettlebell high pulls x 10

Racked Kettlebell stationary lunges x 10 (total)

Push ups on the kettlebells x 10 (drop your knees and do assisted if you need)


**** again make sure you get 6 rope climbs(or 12 modified rope climbs) and 50 leg raises(any variation) thoughout the whole workout


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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