Hey yo !!

Feelin strong for Thursday !!!!! Getting pumped for the expo on Friday. Looking forward to seeing some of the Sculpt team come down and support.

Let’s get this show on the road 🙂

10 minutes of strong: 10 min AMRAPS at each station

1: tire flips x 2 – as many as you can in 5 min ( teams of 2 are good here, one person flips then the other flips for 5 min

2:Sled drags x downs ( each pull is 1 rep) again if there are 2 of you, team up

3: farmer walks – downs (each walk down in one rep, end of building is first walk

4: rope slams x 20 (as many rounds of 20 as you can)

5: high lows with the med ball x 10 (as Many rounds of 10 reps, I’ll explain new ab movement tomorrow !! 🙂

Your spending 5 min at each station tearing it up !!!!!! Putting together a 25 min grind

Man I’m psyched about this one. You might even see me throw the gauntlet down !! Ha ha

Train hard. Train smart


Train Hard. Train Smart


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