I think that the title of the white board will give you all the motivation and info you need to get pumped up for the workout today !  ha ha   TEAR IT UP !!!!

Here we go: Since our strongman/woman equipment is not as dense as everything else we have the workout is NOT for time today.  But…  that still means go as hard as you can through out the whole Circuit

4 Rounds of this Circuit-  If there are multiple people doing the workout at the same time then feel free to stagger a little bit.   Just make sure to get 5 sets of each movement in.

Tire Flips x 6 with the heavy tire,  x 10 with the medium or light tire

Weighted Sled Pulls(hand over hand pulling the sled towards you) x 2

** Pull the sled in and then run the rope out and pull it in again

Weighted Bar Tire Hits x 15

Prowler Push x Down and Back (end of building)

Farmer Walk x Down and back (end of building)


**** if you get done with 4 rounds of that and still have some juice left then strap on the power wheel and do some hand walking to blast those abs and upper body !

if you cant move on the wheel very well then bust out some travel planks and hanging leg raises.


Have fun with this one,  I DID !!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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