hey gym warriors,

What a great de-loading wednesday it was ! Everyone killed the workout in the gym and hit it hard while at the same time gave the body a little rest from the heavy kettles and other toys

However, thursdays workout we will add the weights back. The “lucky 200” is referring to the 200 two hand battle rope slams that must get done throughout the workout, before you are finished.

Here it is:

Circuit 1: 4x

Thrusters(squat into overhead press) x 6
** reps are lower so make sure you bump it up a little bit on the weights. You can choose your tool for the Thrusters
– Kettlebell
– Dumbbell
– Barbell
– Sandbag

Plyo Jumps x 10

Circuit 2: 4 x

Rope Rows x max out
Walking Lunges x cone to cone (about 100′)

Circuit 3: 4 x

Kettlebell Swings x 10
Squat Thrust( like a burpee but no push up and no jump at the top) x 8

PLUS…. 200 total two hand rope slams !

Feel free to take a break( no longer than a minute) between circuits if you want.

Make sure during the workouts that you push yourself as hard as you can. If the weight is too easy, MOVE UP ! Your goal is progression in the workouts. Everyone in the gym now is tearing it up and getting stronger each workout. Keep that sh!# up hah

Any questions, make sure to hit us up and we will get back to you asap.

We love to see all our new people making the commitment to join the gym and get stronger. New members are always welcome to come beat it up and see if it fits for them.

Warning!!!: you may get totally hooked on our workouts and way of life in the gym ha ha

Have fun and train safe !

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