Hey everyone,

Its time to get goin on these ladders !  I hope everyone is catching up on their workouts since some are a day behind because of our electric mess on monday.  Man I am glad that worked out ok.  Dont get me wrong though…. You would have been doing whiteboard workouts by flash light and candle light if I had to !!!!!!   Now that would have been a good story hha ha.

Anyway, I want to make sure that I emphasize that everyone really push their efforts on these strength ladders.  Just a reminder, that when you are using kettlebells and you have been doing whiteboard workouts for a while,  when the rep numbers are in the 6,5,4 range, you need to up your kettlebell weight.  This is how we are going to increase lean muscle as well as conditioning during our workouts.

NO JOKE, I am getting so pumped when duirng the whiteboard workouts.  Members are seriously getting unreal, and its almost like every single week someone is achieving something new !!!!   Man this is why I do this !!   I am gonna have to keep my training on high volume so I feel good coaching all our members.   Some of these guys and girls are right on my heels ! ah ha

So here we go today: Complete each ladder before moving onto the next

Ladder 1 : Kettlebell Clean and Press (use 1 kettlebell)

10-8-6-4-2 (as fast and hard as you can)

Ladder 2: Pull Up or Body Row and Plyo Jumps

10-8-6-4-2 (as fast and hard as you can)

Ladder 3:  5 Road Runs as fast as you can get em done !

(to the road and back = 1 time)


OK guys and girls,  TEAR IT UP !!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart.


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