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After an awesome deloading day on wednesday with a lot of jumping and body weight work, I decided it was time to throw some heavy stuff in there.  EVERYONE can take some in their workouts and throw around some heavy weight.   You too girls !!!  In fact women who lift heavy just reap the benefits long term.  They way we will approach this is still to keep the workouts efficient but we will give you some movements where you can grab some heavy kettlebells and go to town.


Heres how we do:   5 rounds of 5 reps of each movement for time.  This doesnt mean rush through the workout and get sloppy.   I  still want the movments broken down and done correctly and I would really like everyone to focus on grabbing a some kettlebells that are heavier then what you would normally go with.   Still keep saftey and form in mind.  Use a weight that will still make your workouts effective.

Single are KB swing x 5 right, 5 left

Overhead Press x 5 right, 5 left

Front Squat(kettlebells racked) x 5

Alternating bent over rows x 10 total

Reverse lunges x 5 right leg, 5 left leg


GO HARD !!!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart



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