Hey guys and girls,

Theres always a time and place to throw around some heavier stuff. Today is the day ! They benefits of decreasing the reps, increasing the weight as well as the volume of lifts is an awesome way to build strength.

Even our girls have to throw around the heavy stuff. Strong muscles, ligaments and bones keep the body mobile throughout life and will let you continue living that active lifestyle !

So heres how we do it today –

Circuit 1- 4x
Kettlebell Sumo Squat(1 kettlebell) x 6
*explaination of movement can be made 😉
Overhead Kettlebell or Dumbbell push press x 6
Circuit 2 – 4x
Kettlebell High Pulls x 6
Farmer Walks x Cone to cone

Circuit 3 – 3x
Backwards sled pulling x cone to cone

Abs- 4 sets of any of the following

Power Wheel roll outs x 10
Russian Twists x 20
Weighted Get up sit ups x 10
Mountain climbers x 20

So today is the day to amp up the weights. Almost everyone in the gym is able to add 5-10 lbs for these movements. These workouts are designed for our members to PUSH the envelope. In order to achieve the results that are wanted you must find the dedication and confidence inside yourself to know when it is time to take it to the next level. Set the bar today guys and girls !!!!!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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