hey all,

I have been waiting to bust this out all week ! Since our programs over the last week have really been focused on a lot of odd object and strongman style movements, I figured it was only right to throw a challenge in this week to really test everyones abilities hah

Switching it up and throwing in this type of training does absolute wonders for your strength. Having to use your whole body to perform many of these movments creates a very “results driven” environment for our members. Dont get it twisted, these movements are far from new. They have been around for a longggg time. Many of the “golden era” body builders would incorporate flips, stone lifts, farmers walks and many other odd object moves to get monster strength.

All of our athletes and members have been eating up the odd object programs and I cannot wait to go back to some of our other workouts using body weight and kettlebells and see the advances they have made in just this short period of time of strongman training.

Here we go !!!! This challenge we will be focused on each individual strongman/odd object movement. Each person will get there turn to go for time, trying to get as many reps as they can in that time. We will do this ladder style:

Each person will go 2min of these movments two times- Get as many reps of each movement as you can in the time given.

*** we are going with a challenging weight here so dont be afraid to throw a couple extra plates on there and beast it !


Tire Flips (guys try big tires, girls and some intro level members use the medium tire)

Farmer Walks: to end of building and back
– Using Kettlebells or the Farmer walk Handles

Prowler Push-
Stack those plates !!!!

Tire Drags- pulling it in with the rope all the way in, rope the rope out and continue to pull the tire back towards you.
– Advanced guys use the Medium tire
– Ladies and Intro members bring in that 150 tire !

I am so pumped for this !! Been waiting to throw it out all week. Our members have been showing nothing but hard [email protected] work and this is a great way to blow it all out !!

See you tomorrow !


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