Lets get strong !!!

We have been going pretty heavy with the kettles for a while and the gains and results have been awesome !   All of our members have turned up their intensity and made the commitment to get stronger.   Over the next week or two we will be very focused on training with a lot of our odd objects(tires, sleds, ropes, sandbags etc.) as well as our body weight training.    I seriously cannot wait to see the changes in our members when we start these programs.   I have been incorporating this training personally and the strength and conditioning gains have been out of this world !!!

Although this is a new style of workout to a lot of people, we still must keep the structure in our programs.  For the newbies who will be doing these programs, it is overly important to take your time and progress in all the odd object movments.  If you try to do to much too soon then there is always the risk for over training or injury.   Make sure to listen to the trainers !!! hah (like you wouldnt 😉

So lets begin this journey:

Minute stations-  members will spend 1 minute at each station get as much work in the movment as possible.

Sled Pulls

Prowler Pushes

Tire Flips

Rope Slams


Great way to kick off the new programs !!!!!

*** remember,  these programs are designed for all our members.   Some people may be a little more advance then others and in that case you go at YOUR desired hard pace.    Our main goal is progression in your strength and conditioning programs.   You will not ALL start out as rockstars.   You must progress, grow and conquor in order to acheive the goals you want.   I have yet to see one member who has not given it their all.   Makes me so proud to see the commitment levels and drive for people to make themselves better at our gym.    TEAR IT UP !!!!!!!!


Be sure to stop in office to get your referral cards for the month.  Continued growth for us means F R E E stuff for you !!!!!!


See you on the strong side !!!!


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