Hey yo !!!

It’s Tuesday so that def means its time to tear the gym up. We’re steps closer to the new Hudson location opening so I am even more amped then normal to keep pumpin out more programs for you guys and girls.

So here we go:
27 min WTH

High Pulls x 6 (pick your tool any tool!)
– KB,BB, sandbag you name it

Weighted step ups x 6(r,l)

Pull up variation x 6
– start to add some new variations !! Switching grips will increase tons of pull up strength

Farmer carry x 2 laps
– sandbag, kbs, kegs. Get these movements strong !!

Med ball circuit:
Side wall toss x 10(r,l)
High lows x 10

Ok ill see you guys and girls on the other side !!!! Tear it up today

Train Hard. Train Smart


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