Happy Tuesday all,

Hope everyone was able to beat up a workout in some way, shape or form tomorrow.   In my mind there is no better way to start the rainy Monday off then to grab some weight and tear it up !   The gym last night was filled with people with these goals in mind, GET STRONGER and MAKE THEMSELVES BETTER.   Guys and girls stepping out of their comfort zone,  doing things that guys and girls in most gyms wouldnt even dream of doing.

Sound like a place you wanna be …..?    Well then come get it !!

Here we go today:  A little somthing I put together

WTH for 24 Min:

Single Arm Kettlebell Snatches x 8(r,l)

Plyo Jumps x 6 (get up !!!!)

Body Rows x 10 (rings or ropes)

Finish Each Round w/ 30 Rope Slams


Ok there it is !  What will be your outcome ????

Its up to you what you want to make out of your Sculpt Fitness Workouts.


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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