Hey guys and girls,

OK so mondays workout was definately a work capacity day !!!  but I couldnt think of a better wayt to kick off the week.    Lets jump into tuesdays workout the same way.  It will be a WTH so you will be able to approach it a couple of different ways depending on how you went at mondays workout.

–  you can lighten the weight a little bit and really hammer through some rounds of the workout

– or… you can pump up the weight and decrease the volume of rounds.


Ok here we go:   WTH for 26 min

Cleans x 6 (pick your tool any tool!)
– KB,BB, sandbag shouldering you name it

Weighted step ups x 6(r,l)

Pull up variation x 6
– start to add some new variations !! Switching grips will increase tons of pull up strength

Farmer carry x 2 laps around the gym or down and back at Hudson gym
– sandbag, kbs, kegs. Get these movements strong !!

Slam ball circuit:
Standing Slam ball x 6
Kneeling Slam Ball x 6


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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