Hey everyone !

That’s right you heard me ha ha. Lets smash it with the kettlebells today. The workout is going to be broken down into a few different styles for your liking

Circuit 1 – 3 rounds
Snatches x 8 each hand or snatch pulls x 10
Double kettlebell front squat x 10
Pull ups or body rows x 10

Circuit 2 – clean and press ladder
10-8-6-4-2 on each arm (increase weight as reps go down)

Circuit 3 – go through 3x
Leg raise variation x 10-15
Burpees x 10
Russian twists x 30 or sledgehammer tire hits x 30(total)

Smash it up today ! Just let what I mentioned in my last podcast. Do these workouts for YOU. TO make YOURSELF in the best shape you want to be. We don’t do excuses at the Sculpt Gym, if you have an ultimate goal in mind then you make time to achieve it !!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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