hey guys and girls,

Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and got to spend some quality time with friends and family. I do know for a FACT that people consumed a large portion of food and drink. I cant say that this doesnt happen during the holidays but it is ever so important to stick to your designed workout plan through the holidays. Deciding to “pick back up” after the holidays is a terrible decision. There is plenty of time between parties and gatherings to get your 30 or 40 min workout in.

Here we go: A nice WTH to let everyone tear it up at their own pace today

WTH for 25 Min

Kettelbell Swings x 15

Snatches , Snatch Pulls or High pull x 10 (5r, 5l on the snatches)

– any object, single or double kb

Sumo Squats x 10

Dead Push Ups x 10

Wall toss x 10r, 10l

Ok lets get back to work !!!!!! cant wait to see the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym jumpin again !

Train Hard. Train Smart


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