Hey Sculpt Crew,

Kick a!$ start to the new year..?  Check !

Man that workout yesterday was serious ha ha.   I got comments about how solid the program was so I will be sure to bring that one back in the future.  Its a completely new year and I saw some people stepping out of their comfort zone and trying some new deals yesterday at the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym.   That is the way it is supposed to be !   Find ways to shake it up and continue to make yourself better.

Lets continue this killer week with a little new year Ladder action.

Here we go:


Snatches(single or double Kb or BB) or High Pulls(Kb or BB)

Burpees or Squat thrust x 10: after each round !


I figured this would be a great way to mix in some sweet lifts with a little conditioning action.  Its getting cold and we got some snow dumped on us last night so the outdoor actvivites might be tough.  NO WORRIES .  We can get our conditioning indoors no problem !


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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