Happy tuesday everyone,

Great start to the week !   People were in the training gym all day tearin it apart with the kettlebells.   Just to give a heads up to everyone out there, we are planning on partying in the NEW Sculpt Location on Saturday January 7th.   I would absolutly LOVE to see all our Sculpt Training community there to celebrate with us.  We would not even be close to being able to do this without all you support.   So let us celebrate and party up Sculpt Fitness style ! ha ha

Also,  be sure to spread the word.  Any guests are welcome to come check out the party.  We are really working to make it a unique part of the community just as the Bath Sculpt Fitness Training Gym is now.

Now back to work !!!   Here we go today:

Clean and squats and some rope climbs- For time !!!!



Clean and Squat x 10

Rope Climb

Clean and Squat x 8

Rope Climb

Abs Finisher: 3 rounds of this combo

Get up sit up x 10

Plank x 30-45 count (hold in a high or low position)

***** guys and girls, feel free to use either Kettlebells, Barbell or Sandbags for this ladder.  Remember, mixing up the tools you use in the workouts is the best way to increase effectivness in our programs !


OK no more talk,  just DO now !!


Train Hard.  Train Smart



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