Hey guys and girls,

What a great monday in the Sculpt Fitness Training Gyms.   Threw a bunch of different couplets in the mix and people tore em up good !!!

Lets get after it this tuesday and this style of workout is going to make you work hard.  It will give you the opportunity to push around a little bit of extra weight for you vets and will create a nice butt kickin for some of the new comers at the gym.   So heres how it goes.

Deadlift or Sumo Squat and some plyo box jumpin !:


Ex:  10 deadlift or sumo squat

10 plyo jump

***** if you arent quite up to the plyo jumps yet then you will perform that many step ups on each leg(no weight)


Ab circuit finish:  3 rounds

Wall toss x 10

Travel Planks x 10

Kneeling slam balls x 10


Power wheel walks or roll outs x 10

Power wheel knee tucks x 10


Train Hard.  Train Smar


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