Hey guys and girls,

Well  the holiday is creeping closer and people are really grinding in the gym !!!!!   I love having the opportunity to jump in with the evening crew and tear up a good workout.   Ok lets bring out some kettlebells and go to town on tuesday:

***  just a toss in,  you are able to substitute all the kettlebell moves with dumbbells


Here we go:

Circuit 1: 3x

Front Squats x 8

Push Up variation x 10


Circuit 2: 3x

Kettlebell cleans x 8 (r,l)

Jump Squats x 15


Circuit 3: 3x

Snatches x 6(r,l)

Pull up variation x 6-10


Circuit 4: 3x

Alternating rows x 10(r,l)

Plyo Jumps x 6


Time to put in some work !!!!!!    See you in the gym


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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